Car Electronics Support Information

This page will inform you about available applications, compatibility overview, audio & video file specifications and much more of your KENWOOD headunit. Please check back often as we update this information regularly so that you can update your KENWOOD with the latest software and new features.


Some of our Instruction Manuals are available for download. If the model you require is not mentioned, then it maybe still available in paper book form from the Mail Order Companies detailed below.

Navigation Map Updates

kaart update
The road network is updated and expanded almost daily. All these changes have an impact on the itinerary your navigation system maps out for you. For your navigation system to work optimally, you need to update the maps regularly so that your navigation system can give you the right directions to reach your destination without losing precious time.

Car Configurator

We now offer you the perfect solution to fitt and control your KENWOOD head unit by using specialy desinged brackets and adaptor cabes made for your car.